Traffic Force VAST In-Stream Ad Channels Yielding Mobile Results

LOS ANGELES—Recently Traffic Force announced the launch of VAST In-Stream Ad Channels on their ad platform. Now interesting data is becoming available, and it shows that the new features are proving to be more profitable for marketers via mobile device traffic, according to Traffic Force.

“This new class of ads is ‘skippable’ and modifiable by the Publisher, which enables mobile traffic to reach content cleanly without popunders or other distractions while simultaneously improving ad revenue for Advertisers,” explained Ross of “The metrics we are seeing from our own internal testing and the feedback we are getting from our clients shows that this approach is working well on desktop, but is even more effective when it comes to mobile traffic offers.”

Better click-through ratios, a much improved CTR, stronger time on site and bounce rate metrics all dovetail together beautifully as consumers get a better user experience and are more willing to voluntarily engage with quality ads included in their player.

It’s important to note that Traffic Force is standing on the shoulders of companies like Google, by providing the same sorts of ads offered via YouTube, which provides clients with the best possible safe harbor scenario for their own sites.

“When you advertise the way Google does, you get the added benefit of being free from any penalties or prohibitions because Google can’t act like you aren’t following advertising best practices if you are actually following their own methodology,” Ross reasoned. “As accepted methods of advertising narrow, staying ROI positive requires everyone to be creative while also being compliant. Traffic Force takes our role in protecting our clients and improving their profits seriously.”

To learn more about this new advertising channel and enhance your own mobile traffic revenue visit or contact your account rep today.