Tori Montana Cleans Up in Bang Bros' ‘Bathtub Fuck’

HOLLYWOOD – Tori Montana appears in a new Bang Bros scene, “Bathtub Fuck” where fans find her in the bathtub covered with soapy suds. When Johnny the Kid comes in, she shows him how a gal can be both clean and dirty at the same time, and sucks his cock. Inviting him into the tub for a fuck, he jumps in and she rides his dick, then stands her up and screws her against the wall. Then they move into the drier confines of the bedroom and romp until he is ready to shoot his wad.

Montana had a dream day doing three of her favorite things: shopping, shopping and shopping. But as she finds out in Reality Kings’ “Impounding Her,” all good things must come to an end. Ready to head home, she gets back to where she had parked her car and it’s gone! It’s been impounded and now she’s got to get it out.

The price to get her car back is $300, but Quinton, the fellow working the booth, seems like he might be open to negotiating. Maybe flashing her tits and shaking her ass will do the job? Not quite. A blowjob will do the trick and she’s happy to suck on his white meat, but she wants him to fuck her. They both get their satisfaction and Tori gets her car back. 

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