C4S Top Fetish Site Bratty Foot Girls Posts Multiple Updates

TAMPA — Bratty Foot Girls is currently the #1 studio on Clips4Sale.com. This is the first time that Bratty Foot Girls has accomplished this feat, and with one of its latest updates, “Size Dimension,” also the weekend’s best selling clip.

“Size Dimension” features Mikayla Miles as a busy mom who comes home to an empty house, unaware that tiny Xanthians are wandering about. Unbeknownst to Miles, she crushes the Xanthians under her feet, hands, butt, and more as she moves about her home. Naomi Swann, a regular at BFG, makes a guest appearance as Mikayla’s daughter.

Swann is also featured in “Naomi – Small Extortion SFX”  on BrattyFootGirls.com. She meets rich businessman, Jason, in a bar. Although he thinks he’s going to get lucky, he gets an unexpected surprise, instead. Armed with a shrinking powder, Swann blows some in Jason’s face, shrinking him down to insect size. Then, she tells him if he doesn’t transfer money to her account, she’ll crush him alive.

VersusFetish.com saw the release of “Terminatrix,” starring Naomi Swann and Jason Ninja. While relaxing, Ninja receives a visit from Swann, who says she is sent to destroy him. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that Swann is no woman at all, but a sexy fembot! She dominates him with multiple kicks and trampling, until he has no choice but to surrender.

Don’t forget, BFG also offers customs through the site, BrattyCustoms.com. The process is easy – pick your available brat and your type of video format (from an extensive list with pricing details), and let Bratty Customs do the rest. All important information including ordering rules, can be found on the FAQs page.

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