Thrasher Brat Basks In iWantClips’ Artist Spotlight This Week

LOS ANGELESThrasher Brat is one of iWantClips' most popular dommes, and in a candid interview shares her love for science fiction, the paranormal and more in this week’s Artist Spotlight from

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 “Thrasher Brat is a talented dominatrix with a passion for sci-fi and things that go bump in the night,” said Jay Phillips, president and co-founder of iWantEmpire which operates iWantBlog, iWantClips, and other similarly named sites. “Fans will get an inside look at this amazing empowered woman who is part artist, part sci-fi nerd who is dedicated to building her own empire. You won’t want to miss Thrasher Brat on Artist Spotlight this week.”

With a head for business, Thrasher Brat began her business career at a young age, working as a dog handler, a bookstore clerk, and more, all while pursuing the world of fetish. Soon she began exploring her own innate appeal by taking on sugar daddies before taking her talents to iWantClips. Today, the talented domme is continuing to build a growing fan base with her compelling fetish clips and engaging personality. To visit her iWantClips store, click here.

“I’m a huuuuge nerd. Scifi, fantasy, video games, and—ha, ha. I grew up on Star Trek and X-Files because my mom loved that stuff, and tbh, I loved it too,” she said during the interview. “My mom’s sci-fi influence grew into a paranormal fascination. In my teen years my friends and I were like super amateur ghost hunters; we’d go to local haunt spots and snoop around until something spooked us. I have a few crazy stories from those days including a possession story.”

As for her advice to other artists, she says, “People try to say that sugaring or findom or femdom are ‘easy money.’ That’s absolute horseshit. It takes dedication, discipline, and creativity to market yourself uniquely, genuinely, and consistently enough to generate actual revenue. Plus all that it takes to keep yourself looking not just presentable but worship worthy—ya know?”

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