Swiney's Pro-Am Hits Triple Digit Milestone with Scene 100

LOS ANGELES — Ever since its launch in 2015, Swiney's Pro-Am has been setting trends and breaking barriers. The member site and Clips4Sale store have remained popular with fans thanks to unique content, beautiful women of all sizes, and hot sexual performances. 

Swiney’s Pro-Am is set to release its 100th scene. They hit the century mark with a three-way scene featuring BBW Eliza Allure getting DP’d by Angus Maple and Swiney, himself. 

"This one had to be special,” says von Swine. “I felt the 100th scene should showcase what BBWs are capable of. They don’t often get to truly shine in the realm of gonzo sex in the way that the teens or MILF's do. Eliza is always ready for raunchy sex, and boy did she deliver in that ball-drainer of a scene." 

Following the rise in popularity of BBW porn, the Pigpen had been home to the most popular Dad-bod porn on the net. Proving that guys can be big all over and still sling the porn meat with the best of them, the series has rapidly gained popularity. Taking full advantage of the skills of multi-award winning lens man Tim von Swine, the action is skillfully shot while still maintaining the pro-am edge that fans flock to. 

"I've always loved making porno, and no doubt it's in my blood. But the pro-am era I'm in right now allows me to be totally spontaneous without compromising the heat of the sex. Quite the opposite, in fact. It seems the looser the vibe, the hotter the girls get. And that's when making porno is fantastic." 

Responding to fan feedback, Swiney’s Pro-Am has added hot BBW content, making the Pen the place to go for anyone who loves women with extra curves and padding in all the right places. Getting the industry’s hottest BBWs to do anal, cream pies, and DP with dad-bod guys is a feat not duplicated by any other production company. 

"This has been very satisfying on many levels," adds Swiney. "It has given me a direct link to fans like never before, as well as the performers. I have gals reaching out to work with me after seeing my trailers or talking to other models about what my sets are like. Getting that type of positive feedback is what keeps this going in the right direction for both me, and all of the strokers out there enjoying the finished product." 

In addition to reaching the 100 scene milestone, Swiney’s Pro-Am has also added a new way for fans to enjoy the action. Along with the members’ page, the Pen will be adding an additional C4S store that will provide the option to download Swiney smut. This new feature is set to kick off in December.

Swiney’s trailers can be found here