SpookyCash Releases Luck of the Gothic Shamrock Babe Promo Content

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Blue Blood's SpookyCash head Amelia G. says, "Much as I am entertained by green beer and getting tipsy in the street, I thought I would pass along these fun factoids to know and share: 

(1) The holiday as celebrated today really started in the Americas. 

(2) Use of the shamrock was added nearly a thousand years after the death of the saint, as a co-option of Pagan ritual. 

(3) Leprechauns became associated with the holiday largely due to the release of a 1950's Disney movie about them. 

(4) Pubs in Ireland were required to be closed on the religious holiday until the 1970's. 

(5) The original color associated with the holiday was blue." 

That off of her shoulders, she and Forrest Black, winners of Best Alternative Erotica Photographer in the AltPorn Awards, have photographed the gothic, tattooed Ms. Poisoness for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday promo shoot, which went out to SpookyCash affiliates earlier this week. 

To check out the shoot, visit GothicSluts.com.