SpookyCash 2.0 Launches with CCBill Option and Sales Tool Upgrades

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.— Blue Blood's SpookyCash is pleased to announce that affiliates now have the option to choose to promote via either Epoch or CCBill. Many affiliates requested the ability to promote SpookyCash via CCBill, and SpookyCash aims to take good care of SpookyCash affiliates.

While adding the extra billing option for affiliates, SpookyCash also took the opportunity to upgrade the sales tools area on SpookyCash.com as well. There are now thumbnail previews for the hosted galleries. Picture of the day sizes are now fully customizable to flawlessly fit the design of affiliates' sites. SpookyCash first brought RSS and hosted blog tech to the adult space in 2005 and that feed is updated all the time. There are also customizable RSS feeds for all hosted gallery releases now as well. Plus a nifty banner selector with auto-rotating banners available where affiliates just select a site and size. And don't forget how easy it is to get paid with just one link to SpookyCash's fully hosted no-leaks complete TGP where you get credit for everything. SpookyCash will be adding some new sites soon too.

"SpookyCash offers hundreds of galleries, RSS, hosted blog, hosted TGP, POTDs, banner selector, and now the option of promoting with either major biller,” SpookyCash head honcho Amelia G said. “I'm super excited to be able to offer multiple options for affiliates and I am happy that the process also enabled us to upgrade the existing tools as well!"

For more information visit SpookyCash.com.