Sofie Marie’s New Anal Scenes Available on

LAS VEGAS — Sofie Marie’s network,, is the exclusive place to see her anal scenes, and this week it sees a brand new release. Available for purchase now, “My Mom is a Dom” features Sofie Marie getting herself in an embarrassing situation that requires her stepson’s help. When Alex Jett hears Sofie Marie calling from her art studio, he’s a little apprehensive. She has made it clear her studio is off limits. When he goes to help her, he sees why: her art studio is actually a sex room! Dressed as a dom, Sofie Marie got herself stuck in the sex swing, and asks Jett to help her out. While he’s there, Alex helps himself to some taboo time with his ‘mom’, including some anal!

Also available is the new G/G scene, “Sex Swing Sisters.” Sofie Marie and her sister, Texas Patti, have always shared a close relationship. So close, in fact, that Sofie Marie invites Texas Patti to enjoy her new swing. Getting themselves so turned on, they decide to take their sisterhood to an entire new level, with lots of girl on girl love.

Finally, Sofie Marie gives detention a new meaning in “Extra Detention.” Teacher of the Year, Ms. Marie, is determined to help her student, Jason, realize his potential. Unaware that Jason purposely gets detention to get a look at her, she catches him fantasizing about her. Ms. Marie instructs him on how to pleasure her. Caught by his father, Ms. Marie will do anything to keep Mr. Michaels from exposing her. That includes double penetration, anal, and true father-son bonding.

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