SexEntertain Releases New Anime XML System

LOS ANGELES—Leased content vendor SexEntertain has announced its new "AnimeXML System,” a special version of SexEntertain's Studio XML System designed  especially to suit the needs and challenges of anime/hentai webmasters.

Using SexEntertain's proprietary Anime XML System, webmasters that license non-exclusive and exclusive hentai feeds "Powered by  SexEntertain" can connect to SexEntertain database to display daily updates and access video streams directly and dynamically within their membership sites. 

SexEntertain is the exclusive source for almost 400 rare, authentic, uncensored Japanese hentai videos from major distributors including JapanAnime, Adult Source Media, Critical Mass and soon Anime18.

"The Anime XML System is another example of our focus and desire to boost the business of our webmaster clients servicing the Anime and Hentai market," said RJ, co-owner of SexEntertain. ‘

The Anime XML System helps webmasters leverage SexEntertain's Hentai products in at least two very important ways:  First, webmasters can use the Anime XML system to show what movies have been recently updates and which will be available soon to keep their members happy and coming back every month; second, webmasters can use the Anime XML system to show surfers new to their sites just how much hardcore hentai content their membership gets them. 

SexEntertain also offers webmasters extensive sets of promotional video clips and hentai graphics for tours, galleries and tube sites,

"We are highly focused on delivering to both leading adult Hentai importers, such as Adult Source Media, JapanAnime, Critical Mass and others and hentai webmasters worldwide the resources, ideas and technology they need to succeed." said RJ.

The Anime XML System, along with a wide variety of promotional resources, is available exclusively to clients of SexEntertain leasing content products from the major studios it represents.  All the Hentai Feeds “Powered by SexEntertain” are updated regularly have multiple playback speeds and reside on SexEntertain’s robust technology infrastructure. 

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