Pineapple Support Continues Push for Performer Mental Health

LISBON—Thanks to a big assist by TES Lisbon, Pineapple Support was able to rally industry leaders around the critical issue of performer mental health, raising awareness for the organization’s growing list of free and low-cost services.

In a session provided by TES, Pineapple Support founder Leya Tanit spoke with industry leaders, explaining the mission of the organization, and how industry support has allowed her to connect over one hundred performers to mental health services and care. Tanit used the opportunity to present her findings from of a recent, anonymous survey of adult performers on issues of mental health—numbers that helped illustrate the scope of the problem.

“I can not thank TES Lisbon enough for the engaged, enthusiastic support they gave to the organization,” said Tanit. “In addition to the session, we were a constant presence at the conference, with sponsored tapas and port tastings, cocktail hours and morning coffee. TES Lisbon made sure our logo—and our cause—was seen by everyone.”

Pineapple Support was launched in 2018 by Tanit, a performer herself, in response to a string of performer deaths last winter related to depression and addiction. The non-profit organization helps provide access to free and low-cost psychotherapy, counseling and emotional support to persons working in the adult industry.

In the past few months, Pineapple Support has provided therapy and counseling services at industry trade and award shows, organized holiday performer gatherings, advocated for performers in the press, and worked to raise money for additional services. In addition to direct therapy organization now has over 60 volunteer active listeners, and online chat available 24/7 for those who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction or other issues.

Major industry companies—including Mindgeek, xHamster, Clips4Sale and—have supported Pineapple Support financially and through in-kind services. Thanks to the access she was given at TES, Tanit was able to secure additional funding, and will announce more partners in the coming week.