Welcomes Gumroad Artists to a New Creative Home

MIAMIIn light of Gumroad's recent policy changes affecting NSFW content, is onboarding Gumroad artists seeking a reliable platform to sell their artwork. 

"We understand the challenges creators are facing with restrictive policies," said chief marketing officer, Samantha Monroe. "Our site builder provides a seamless transition for artists, allowing them to set up a custom membership site with ease and continue selling their work without disruption. We are committed to providing a secure and supportive environment for all artists.

“Our site builder offers advanced store features you can’t find on other platforms such as an industry-first order management system, flexible pricing options, custom order forms, shipping zone management, and availability automation management. We also have PayPal for member payments and creator payouts which many adult platforms don’t have.

"We're here to ensure that NSFW artists have a stable and welcoming home where they can continue to thrive," added Monroe. "Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist creators in quickly setting up their sites and getting back to business."

For more information and to view a live demo, visit

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