MyDirtyHobby, Nutaku Release MyDirtyBoss Idle Game

LOS ANGELES—MyDirtyHobby, in collaboration with Nutaku, has unleashed a new free-to-play idle game onto the Internet by the name of MyDirtyBoss.

MyDirtyBoss has you starting up your very own camgirl empire with nothing but a pretty lady. This is an idle game that generates money over time.

You can generate money through the game by utilizing the profits of your webcam business, reinvesting them into your business with the sole purpose of growing your business to an empire.

As your income grows, you can reinvest your employees' earnings into training them to be better at their job (which in turn increases the money they generate).

You'll also be able to hire over a dozen new lovely ladies to diversify the kind of personalities your company can put out there in the great wild west of the camming industry.

MyDirtyHobby can help you grow your own webcam empire by offering you some of the hottest real amateurs of the site in a digitized form. A digitized HannaSecret, Arya_Laroca, Cat-Coxx, LakishaLee and Taylor-Burton will surely give you an advantage and drive you faster to the top!

MyDirtyBoss is a straightforward clicker game with a dash of lewdness thrown into the mix.

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