MPA3 Puts Payment Processors to the Test

CYBERSPACE—The brains behind MPA3 have added a feature that will help affiliate programs and their affiliates make more money by putting the payment processors to the test.

Since we introduced ”Cascading Billing” many years ago, affiliate programs have listened to Mansion Productions’ advice about spreading their risk by ”not putting all your eggs in one basket” by adding multiple payment processors in a cascade using MPA3. Now, Mansion has added another layer to this incredible feature by ”putting payment processors to the test.”

Inside the MPA3 Admin panel, the owner/administrator of the software can now test the payment processors they have accounts side-by-side with a few clicks of a button. By testing the payment processors equally and side by side, the owner of MPA3 now has the ability to see which processors makes them the most money.

We all know that the payment processors have different performing ratios. The time has come for the programs to see for themselves which one performs the best for them. In addition, this feature will also distribute the risk of having one payment processor go down, effectively ensuring that a potential sale being processed.

To get more information about this feature and MPA3, contact [email protected] or simply go to and submit a contact form.