Monthly Fetish Educates Readers about the Wild World of Sploshing

TAMPA —  Food isn’t just for eating, it’s also for a fetish called sploshing. The fetish has been covered by popular British TV series Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Vice Video, and now Monthly Fetish is giving its take on the fetish that revels in wet and messy fun.

If you’ve never ventured into the wild world of sploshing and are curious or always wanted to indulge in it, Monthly Fetish’s December issue is packed with information about the fetish. Find out how sexual arousal or gratification can be achieved by using food. Readers can also find out how to play it safe when going wet and messy (AKA WAM), how to find WAM friends to play with, the history of WAM/sploshing, see how Bompas & Parr have made food into art, and enjoy the Unbound Interview with The Ministry of Mess. Also in this month’s issue are sploshing news pieces that include what it’s like to be a sploshing fetish star, and what happens when a dominatrix invites medical students into her lair.

“Sploshing is getting a lot of attention recently from some major sites and publications, but we wanted to make sure it was covered properly, and explained in a way that makes it easy to understand and take part in,” says editor Jenn. “It’s one of the more intricate fetishes, but it’s also fun and imaginative. We hope you enjoy the current issue and feel free to leave us comments.”

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Audio versions of the current issue are available here and on Monthly Fetish’s YouTube channel.

Owned by XIX Media Group and largely sponsored by Clips4Sale, Monthly Fetish launched in April 2017. The online zine is geared at a wide audience from professional kinksters to those curious about the fetish lifestyle.