MissBlondie Takes The Heat In The Artist Spotlight On iWantClips

LOS ANGELES—In this week's Artist Spotlight, a regular feature from iWantBlog.com, MissBlondie shares her passion for DIY projects, cheddar popcorn and more. To read the full interview click here or visit iWantBlog.com.

“We are pleased to present MissBlondie, a very actualized dominatrix, as this week’s guest on Artist Spotlight,” said Jay Phillips, president and co-founder of iWantEmpire which operates iWantBlog, iWantClips, and other similarly named sites. “With the heart of an artist, the mind of a dedicated entrepreneur, and a long-term vision which combines both, MissBlondie has built her brand on authenticity. This week, the popular domme shares the personal things which drive her, teach her and bring her joy, only on Artist Spotlight.”

With a head for business and a desire for adventure and luxury, MissBlondie took a chance and left her 60-hour a week job in management to pursue her passion for the fetish lifestyle and build a new career on iWantClips. A few years later, the popular dominatrix is a woman in demand with a growing audience that seemingly can’t get enough of her enticing fetish clips that explore femdom, humiliation, foot fetishism and more. To visit her iWantClips store, click here.

“I am a huge DIY-er. I have remodeled almost my entire house myself. What used to be a fun little hobby of refurbishing furniture turned into a passion of fixing up just about anything,” she said during the interview. “Whatever I don’t want to do myself I outsource to an experienced submissive. I have never and will never rely on a man for anything—and that includes replacing a faucet or using a miter saw. I’ve always been fiercely independent. Even as a little kid, I was confused by societal gender stereotypes and the expectation of female reliance on men.”

But when it comes to advice for other artists, she says, “Do what feels right for you. Do and wear what makes you feel dominant! Your confidence will be the magnet for boys and for your success. Move your body in a way that makes you feel powerful; wear what makes you feel sexy; be yourself and the rest will follow! An authentic Domme is an undeniably intoxicating force.”

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