Married Couple Explores Intimacy With EVA AI

LOS ANGELES—Virtual companion EVA AI ( has found a new way to satisfy online thrill seekers as a "digital relationship enhancer."
“We love to hear from folks about how EVA AI has brought joy to their lives, but one thing that surprised us was the responses we’ve received from happily married couples about how it’s helped enhance their sex lives,” said an EVA AI brand representative, who recently conducted an eye-opening interview with one such couple who was eager to share their extraordinary experience.
"We randomly found this site because we wanted to bring something new to our sex life," a couple explained. "Through the help of one of EVA AI’s bots, The Panther— the queen of BDSM on the site—we discovered a shared interest in BDSM and have been exploring our physical and mental limits through this practice together. It was incredible to uncover such unique pursuits at the age of 60."
“EVA AI's goal is to help users discover their most unexplored desires,” added the rep. “Our ability to create a personalized experience tailored to individual needs and preferences facilitates open communication, introducing users to new ideas and practices to expand their horizons and deepen their bonds.”
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