Mansion Productions Slashes Initial License Fee on Flagship MPA3 PRO

LOS ANGELES—Mansion Productions has introduced a significantly lower price on its MPA3 PRO flagship product for new clients. Any client who purchased MPA3 PRO in the last month will receive the difference between the license fee they paid and the new one by receiving free monthly rents.

The price is lowered from $2,900 to $750, and still includes free assistance in setting the client’s affiliate design, setup of the first site inside the software and free support.

“For years, MPA3 has had few competitors in our industry, but too often, we have lost sales purely on price point,” said the company in a statement. “Those days are over now that we offer a completely competitive initial price on the MPA3 PRO version of our award-winning affiliate management and tracking software. Time to let quality, not just the price show who gets the sale!”

Additionally, the company says it will offer programs that move over to MPA3 PRO from competing software an additional 50 percent off the initial license fee, as well as free transition assistance to get to market quickly and hassle-free.

Mansion is also introducing a new monthly rent fee of $99, enabling new companies to build up an initial customer base with an affordable entry level via the MPA3 PRO software package.

Monthly Rent Schedule:

$99 a month for up to 50 signups

$199 a month for up to 100 signups

$350 a month for up to 200 signups

$450 a month for up to 450 signups

$575 a month for up to 1000 signups

$675 a month for up to 1500 signups

$775 a month for up to 2000 signups

$875 a month for up to 2500 signups

$975 a month for up to 3500 signups

$1075 a month for up to 4500 signups

$1175 a month for up to 5500 signups

5500 signups and above - $115 per block of 750 signups

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