Joslyn Jane Stars in New Super Heroine Cosplay Clip

MIAMI — Joslyn Jane toplines the cosplay fantasy release “Power Gurl vs Revenge Crew vol 2 - No Hard Feelings” for Cory Chase and Luke Longly’s Cory's Super Heroine Adventures.

Jane, the 5’ 9” blonde with natural 34G breasts who appeared as “Officer Jane” on Black Patrol before going on to headline scores of indie titles, stars opposite JMac in the scene.

Revenge Crew boss, Mr. Tropical (Luke Longly) and his top henchman, High Frequency (JMac) are plotting revenge on Harley Quinn (Cory Chase). High Frequency has tracked her down, recovered her famous bat, and given the boss a map to her location.

Then Power Gurl (Jane) flies into the hideout. She has a dossier on Harley Quinn with specific details on her one and only weakness. The Revenge Crew is excited and thanks Power Gurl for the intel. When Mr. Tropical leaves to verify the dossier, Power Gurl is left alone with High Frequency. 

It turns out that her boyfriend, Mr. Terrific, has not been satisfying her and she wants some good D! High Frequency is happy to curb her craving, and offers his tool to Power Gurl! The buxom beauty knows exactly what to do, and the two go to town on Mr. Tropical's couch.

“I love working with content producers who have creative ideas and get as excited about shooting as I do,” said Jane. “Playing a superhero for them has definitely been my favorite role so far, and JMac and Luke make it such a pleasure.”

“Power Gurl vs Revenge Crew vol 2 - No Hard Feelings” is now available in digital release here.

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