Johnny Goodluck Exchanges Words of Wisdom on 'The Clip Zone'

LOS ANGELES — Johnny Goodluck has sat down with Clips4Sale founder Neil, and their informative chat can now be seen on The Clip Zone with Neil

Goodluck has a Clips4Sale store and lots of questions. Many of the questions are questions that other C4S producers have. The two talk about the optimal amount of times a week to post, not overloading customers with content, how it can effect sales, the best time(s) to post clips, how long clips should be, using auto updates, trending pages, proper tagging of clips, how to get a banner in rotation on the main page, staying in one's wheelhouse vs. expanding into fetish, and much more. Goodluck also gives a few hints about his upcoming project that fetishizes cooking.

Watch the full video here.

Check out Johnny Goodluck’s Clips4Sale store here.

“It was an amazing opportunity to get to talk to Neil not only to get my questions answered but also to learn from the King of Clips,” says Goodluck. “Whether you’re a store or have been on C4S forever, you’ll definitely pick up a lot of tips from our conversation.”

Another place you will find Goodluck this week is on Cherry Pimps. He’s returned for a scene with September Reign. Check out “September Loves Her Huge Boobs Getting Cummed On” here. All 15 of his other updates can be found here

Johnny Goodluck is available exclusively through OC Modeling. To get him on set, contact Sandra at 818-298-6939 or [email protected], Anthony at [email protected] or 818-428-0978, or Eric Masterson at [email protected] or 818-854-5175.