iWantEmpire Added 7,500 New Clip Artists To Its Platform In 2017

LOS ANGELES—Premier clip conglomerate iWantEmpire welcomed 7,500 new artists to its clips platform during 2017, marking a major milestone for the fast-growing lifestyle brand. These entrepreneurs each created a new revenue stream, and are being recognized by company executives today for building stores on the acclaimed platform.

“On behalf of everyone at iWantEmpire, I would like to congratulate those artists who saw the potential in owning their content and creating their future,” said Jay Phillips, founder and president of iWantEmpire. “Special thanks to everyone who has chosen the iWantEmpire network as their online place of business. As a result of our partner’s trust and feedback, we’ve had an opportunity to build an empire of sites which cater to artist’s unique needs and visions, and we’ve experienced an incredible year of growth, and prestige. We are looking forward to more expansion in 2018, with our devoted partners by our side.”

Since its subsidiary site iWantClips launched in 2014, iWantEmpire has attracted a steady stream of entrepreneurial artists with unique talents and visions including webcam personalities, porn stars, financial domination specialists, foot fetishists, femdoms, humiliatrices, body worshipers, members of LGBTQ communities, cosplayers and everything in between. The diverse and comprehensive artist offerings from these members are celebrated and encouraged, as they allow iWantEmpire to celebrate the fantasies and wide-ranging interests of fans around the world.

For more information about iWantEmpire, visit iWantEmpire.com.