Lovense Media Player Provides Full VR and Sex Toy Immersion

SINGAPORE—Lovense's Media Player has launched globally. The download is available for free at

Lovense Media Player is a multimedia platform for Windows that allows users to expand the familiar experience of watching locally stored videos. Supporting both traditional 2D videos and VR videos (by using a VR kit), Lovense Media Player syncs with all Lovense toys through the Lovense Remote App, providing a whole new level of engagement when watching porn, home videos, music clips or favorite movies.

This is possible by a revolutionary vibrating pattern feature. Users can freely create vibrating patterns according to the video's plot, share patterns by uploading them to the global pattern library, and use patterns created by other users. Once the video file is open, Lovense Media Player automatically displays the list of patterns associated with the specific file. Synced with Lovense Media Player, the Lovense toy vibrates, rotates or oscillates synchronously with the patterns, which provides viewers with a more complete immersion in the events taking place on the screen.

“The company Lovense is committed to innovations and we are working across a number of immersive initiatives,” says Dan Liu, CEO of Lovense. “Our long-term goal is to create a complete ecosystem that will expand the applicability of Lovense toys and open up new dimensions of pleasure and sexual experience to our fans. Lovense Media Player is another step towards this goal.”

Lovense Media Player can be used as the default Windows player for watching and listening to any media content. Users are able to create and share patterns without owning a Lovense toy, but to enjoy the video or audio with patterns, syncing of Lovense Media Player with any of the Lovense toys is required. Patterns can be created to audio, 2D video and VR video files. Downloading, installing and using Lovense Media Player, as well as using the global pattern library, is completely free of charge.