Happy Holidays from Blue Blood and SpookyCash

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - The walls are decked with sparkly things, mistletoe, and eight gallons of Los Angeles style faux snaux at Blue Blood Secret World Headquarters Global. Amelia G and Forrest Black shot a variety of sexy Xmas sets and really really enjoyed playing with the faux snow because Hollywood does not have a whole lot of real snow, unless you count the kind found at parties not involving snowballs and sledding. For BlueBlood.net , famous writer Thomas S. Roche penned his thoughts on the holiday season and BlueBlood.com's incredible hotties.

On the adult webmaster side, Blue Blood's Spooky Cash has released half a dozen holiday-themed hosted galleries for affiliate promo.

Thomas S. Roche writes, "I'm not sure at what point during my misspent childhood I turned into a Grinch, but knowing me it probably involved finding out that the Thompson sub-machine gun I'd just received under the tree wouldn't, you know, kill anyone or anything. The only thing that gets me through the holidays is all the Christmas themed smut that's out there. I will admit, I am a sucker for the irreverent trope-orgy satisfaction of a themed photo shoot or dirty story, and three Blue Blood hotties just got to the heart of holiday happiness, with a dose of nasty Santa Claus and a succulent suck on a candy cane that's been somewhere your pastor wouldn't approve of. You are never going to see hotter women getting it on in holiday costumes, I guarantee it."

This season, BlueBlood.net, the free entertainment portal side of Blue Blood, was in cinematic mode because movies and videos just feel right this time of year. BlueBlood.net featured articles connecting Beowulf and Ozymandias, sexy sheep and Casablanca, Sweeney Todd and naughty straight razors, and Katt Williams and Chemlab. Sometimes strange bedfellows are the most interesting. In addition to sexy Xmas pictures, membership in the BlueBlood.com site includes 84,990 pictures of 354 incredibly gorgeous hotties and 24/7/365 counterculture lifestyle, shot by a variety of cutting edge photographers, quality fiction from established genre authors and Blue Blood's world famous signature couples photo sets.

Happy Holidays and happy every day!