Gia Milana Teams Up in a Classic Routine for Scam Angels

LOS ANGELES — Gia Milana appears in a new Scam Angels scene titled “Super Hot Babes Alina Lopez and Gia Milana Massage, Bang and Scam Rich Jerk.” The two ladies are a sexy team of in-home masseuses who are headed to Tommy Pistol’s house. 

When they first encounter him, he is flonging the dong in the kitchen, and the girls are more than a little shocked. He rudely stuffs $100 bills in each of their shirts. Later, the girls agree that he’s hot, but incredibly creepy. Still, they go back for more. This time his wife isn’t at home and he wants a more intimate massage. Lopez is hesitant, but Milana suggests they fuck him and record it.

“We oil him up, get his cock nice and hard, and he’ll be so pussy drunk he’ll be down to do it,” Milana says. “Think about the cash! There’s so much money! A stack every time? He’s loaded!”

The two oil him up and then get to stroking and sucking. By the time Pistol notices they’re taping it, he doesn't care. When it’s all said and done, and it’s time to pay up, he asks how much and Lopez tells him they have an email that’s about to send if he doesn't give them everything he has on hand. The girls walk with a huge wad of bills and Pistol, a little poorer, is still very satisfied sexually.

Milana will be hosting this year’s Urban X Awards with Nina Elle. The event will be held August 18 at the Globe Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Visit the official site at

Watch “Super Hot Babes Alina Lopez and Gia Milana Massage, Bang and Scam Rich Jerk” here