Helps Fans ID Unknown Performers

NEW YORK CITY—, the adult social network, recently organized a "Porn Hackathon" to assist porn viewers in answering what is likely to be their biggest question: “Who is this porn star?”

It's almost a certainty that millions of people watching porn every day have, at some point, wondered who the porn model is that they're watching—and trying to find more of that actress's (or actor's) content is not an easy task.

“If you think about it, the most common question you find under a porn clip or erotic photo is 'Who is she?' That’s why we decided to take a day off from regular work and try to come up with a simple solution for all porn fans out there,” said Ralf Kappe, Sharesome’s founder.

The initial version of was developed based on proprietary technology, during a one-day "hackathon" that included more than 20 participants.  

Curious fans can try out the website by pasting a link or uploading a photo that includes the porn model’s face. FindThePornstar responds with that person's (stage) name and a figure assessing the probability of the answer's accuracy. The service uses artificial intelligence to quickly identify models, but it also accepts user feedback, to help fine-tune the algorithms.

“What we realized is that we’re not only providing answers to fans. Once integrated with Sharesome, the technology behind #FindThePornstar will make sure that the original content creators will be automatically detected, tagged and rewarded for their original work, no matter who uploaded the content,” Ralf noted.