EvilAngel.com Releases 6th 'Voracious' Installment

MONTREAL—Affiliate program FameDollars, a subsidiary of Gamma Entertainment, has unveiedl the sixth installment of Voracious, Evil Angel head John Stagliano's vampire-themed web series. This episode, titled "You Are Not a Man of God," features an award-winning cast that includes Steve Holmes, Manuel Ferrara and Brooklyn Lee.

"Under the golden angel column in Berlin, barely hidden from view, a priest offers guidance to a tormented vampire. Manuel arrives in search of Amira, his true love salvation, only to find that perversion and priesthood go hand in hand...more precisely, cock in throat," is how director and Evil Angel owner John Stagliano describes the latest update.

"Steve Holmes, Manuel Ferrara and Brooklyn Lee are adventurous performers. Guerilla movie-making is impossible without that," Stagliano added.

The new webisode comes with a behind-the-scenes interlude titled "John, You're Being a Dick," with entertaining footage from the streets of Berlin as Stagliano discusses his crazy idea for the latest episode and Lee's incredible acting.

"The embarrassing behind-the-scenes chaos caused by my hare-brained idea to improvise this story based on the best resources available probably should not see the light of day. But I have accepted that I can be a dick. In the end, the result came together wonderfully, but here we find out how little credit I really deserve," Stagliano says.

Episode 6 is available now on EvilAngel.com, where a special tab provides members with easy access to all Voracious webisodes. Watch the SFW trailer at Youtube.com/evilangelvideo.