DatingPartner Upgrades White Labels

DatingPartner, serving the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) dating space and with a 15-year track record, has announced that its roster of profitable and applicable white labels will be extended with powerful features to increase chances for high conversion rates.

“After working in the dating segment for way over a decade, our expertise has really grown with each year on how to enable our partners to get the big bucks,” a company spokesperson said. “DatingPartner (part of delivers white labels that are not only easy to install—we’re basically talking about 10 minutes here—but even moreso unique due to their 'Money Machine Features.' These will ultimately lead to insane user values and traffic monetization. Our member areas are furthermore full of monetizing functions, greatly satisfying live webcams, premiums services and upsells.”

Conversions will also be driven by databases consisting of real and native users. On top, there’s a wide range, allowing for casual, mainstream and highly demanded dating niches. Meanwhile, own brands and domains can easily be added. The white labels are fully responsive and ready to be explored on all devices.

Some of the highlights of the DatingPartner white labeling also include:

  • Fully individualized and available for your brand/domain within one day
  • Wider ranged focus with casual, mainstream and all highly demanded niches
  • Member areas with monetizing features, satisfying live webcams, premium services and upsells
  • Existing texts can be used
  • SEO relevance confirmed

“Our intelligent lead-cascading technology is especially noteworthy,” the spokesperson stated. “Besides all the highlights we’re delivering, this makes for a significant sign-up-to-lead conversion. In addition, there’s no need to go back to the drawing board. You can simply make use of any existing texts you might have, while our basic setup is already relevant in terms of SEO. If you’re already a partner of ours, simply choose the menu items 'Hot Selection,' 'Best Converting' and finally the work bench 'White Labels'.

The company is welcoming existing and new partners to start on