Coxxx Models Launches Cryptocurrency Coxxx Coin

LOS ANGELES — Adult talent agency Coxxx Models has started its own cryptocurrency, called Coxxx Coin (CXC).

Coxxx Coin is a private secure decentralized currency based on the Ethereum blockchain.

In addition to fast transactions and low fees, Coxxx Coin claims to fix the monetary imperfections and financial discrimination of the adult industry specifically when it comes to billing and banking.

The licensed and bonded talent agency has had a unique innovative approach towards finances since it started in the business in 2012 with its "No booking fees" policy, which still remains in effect today.

"Our goal has always been to maximize wealth and reduce overhead for companies as well as models. We believe we can take that to a whole new level with Coxxx Coin," says Coxxx Models/Coxxx Coin founder Conor Coxxx. "I've been very intrigued by cryptocurrency for a few years now, and the more I learn about it, the more I realize the massive potential to improve the way money works for adult businesses."

Coxxx Coin states on its website that it enables adult industry workers to collect and store a greater percentage of their earnings, and send money quickly with very little cost, all while avoiding the over regulation and high costs they are normally used to. They claim porn consumers can benefit from all of the same advantages and will see even more value in its anonymity.

As of today, the initial crowdsale of Coxxx Coin is available at

Coxxx Models currently represents over 40 models that can be seen at

For more info on Coxxx Coin visit