Newly Launched Wheelie.Site Offers Spinning Wheel for Creators

LOS ANGELES—Content creators and models have a new way to interact with followers via a virtual spinning wheel offered by Wheelie.Site, a new platform launched earlier this month.

The site launched on June 1, giving creators and others the opportunity to use the spinning wheel, much like the one used on Wheel of Fortune, where fans can spin the wheel and each “spoke” offers a prize. The website allows content creators to set up their own spinning wheel with prizes and set a price visitors have to pay to spin the wheel. After every spin, a notification is sent to the creator and a spinning history is saved, only visible to the wheel creator.

Users can spin the individual wheels as many times as they want and for each spin the defined spinning prize goes to the wallet from the wheel creator. If an amount of $25 is reached, a withdrawal request can be made. The wheel spinner will see their spinning history from each model on a personal profile page made for them.

Mike (founder of Wheelie.Site) had the idea with the spinning wheel two years ago after he saw a cam model with a self-made spinning wheel in the background of her room. Viewers could spin it by sending a tip. After that he kept seeing content creators using a wheel for some interactivity. Now cam sites like Chaturbate offer plugins where viewers can spin a wheel live. He soon developed and released the first version of Wheelie.Site, with improvements, new features and bug fixes being released on a daily basis.

“We put a strong focus on user centered design and take the feedback of our users very seriously,” the site’s creators wrote in an announcement. “The goal of the website is not to replace any existing content monetization platform, but rather be an extension to these sites to offer a bigger variety for fans to interact with their favorite models.”

No subscription for the site is required, but content creators are asked to list Wheelie.Site on LinkTree or other listing platforms they use.

Wheelie.Site also offers a referral program for creators where they can invite other creators to join. With every accepted invitation, the payout fee can be lowered for the lifetime of the account.

For more information, visit Wheelie.Site.