Clips4Sale Raises Commission for Tributes & Donations

TAMPA, FL—Clips4Sale has announced that it is reducing the percentage of commission it takes from tributes and donations to its video artists and studios stores, resulting in those influencers now earning a full 80 percent commission for all tributes and donations.

Clips4Sale changed their commission percentages last week and they are now offering higher payouts than several other sites for tributes and donations: 10 to 20 percent more—and this offer isn’t just for now, it’s forever. As far as the company is concerned, it’s just another way that Clips4Sale gives back to those who work with them.

“Our 15th year has been amazing, and it’s because of our models and producers,” said owner Neil. “We want to offer ways for them to make more money to thank them. In addition to increased percentages on tributes and donations, we will be offering higher rev share opportunities and contests throughout the year.”

Models and producers can sign up to be part of Clips4Sale, the downloadable video clips store that values experience, trust, integrity, fairness, and diversity. Those interested may learn how to open their own studio here.