Clips4Sale Offering Summer Sales Incentive Program

TAMPA, FL—Clip download site Clips4Sale has launched its "Sizzling Summer Sales Incentive Program" which will run for a full three months, starting this Sunday, July 1, and running through September 30.

The program, which the company expects will be very popular with studios, gives those studios the ability to boost their payouts exponentially. Clips4Sale is offering a 75% commission from every sale coming in from the special CID link code during this period. To participate, studios must create a new CID incentive link and post it online for their fans and customers.

“This is going to make the summer extra hot,” assured owner Neil. “We want everyone to reap the rewards, so make sure to create your new "Sizzling Summer Sales" CID incentive link and post it everywhere you can think of. And, if you want to go full tilt, you can use the same code to make special URLs for each clip in your store. Just add the special CID code to the end of any URL for it to be tracked.”

Starting July 1, studios can get started on the "Sizzling Summer Sales Incentive Program" by logging into their Store Admin Page. Click on the "Sizzling Summer Sales" banner on the home page; then, click on the "Generate Sizzling Summer Sales Campaign Code" to get their unique CID link code. It’s easy to sign up, and all that’s left to do is to promote. For rules and terms and conditions, check the Admin Page.