#FervorFriday Blazes Up With CannaSexual’s Ashley Manta

LOS ANGELES—Sexuality educator and coach Ashley Manta, creator of lifestyle brand CannaSexual, heats up #FervorFriday on Jane Jett’s Kinktra.com.

“I have had a lot of clients ask about the connection between cannabis and sex—Ashley was the perfect educator to explain it,” said Jane Jett. “Very few people know about the benefits of using cannabis during lovemaking. It can really rock your world. Plus, as a woman, cannabis has a lot of health benefits.”

Visitors to site will learn a lot more about the true original that is Ashley Manta. The interview is educational and enlightening and geared at women—Ashley discusses the importance of self-pleasure, embracing your sexuality and utilizing your sexual energy, the difference between good and bad sex, the true definition of sexual healing, and how she discovered that sex and cannabis go hand in hand. Ashley also introduces her new online courses, the Elevated Intimacy Academy.

The in-depth interview also delves into Ashley’s backstory and what a typical day in her life is like. Read Ashley’s interview, as well as previous editions of #FervorFriday at Kinktra.com/blog/.

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