CAM4 Now Accepting JizzCoin Cryptocurrency

LOS ANGELES— today announced support for the adult-focused utility token JizzCoin. 

Jizzcoin (JCN) is one of several cryptocurrency start-ups looking to establish itself as an alternative solution for porn and adult entertainment payments. 

“We are impressed with the technical capabilities and vision of the JizzCoin team,” James Flint, content manager at CAM4 said. “They are determined to build a global ecosystem to help solve some of the most challenging aspects of adult payments. We are currently investigating a number of new blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies as we strive to add value to our community. We are always open to new opportunities that have the potential to reduce fees and increase safety and anonymity for our users. JizzCoin recognizes this mission and so we are aligned on a lot of our performer focused objectives. We look forward to working with the JizzCoin team following their ICO”.

At the core of the JizzCoin vision is a plan to empower performers, affiliates, advertisers and content partners through the creation of a decentralized ecosystem powered by smart contracts and blockchain technology. Today’s announcement from CAM4 is a significant win for the JizzCoin project.  

CAM4 is one of the world’s top webcam platforms with a huge global community of performers and fans with 2 billion visits a year. In recent years, CAM4 has established itself as one of the most innovative adult cam sites in the market releasing a host of cutting-edge broadcasting apps, including the market-leading solution for live streaming 3D VR.  A leader for more than 10 years, the CAM4 community creates more than 1 million hours of live streaming content each week.

To mark the announcement, JizzCoin revealed an exclusive plan to airdrop 100 JCN tokens to every member of CAM4. One million JizzCoins have been allocated to the AirDrop fund.

Instructions on how to participate in the airdrop can be found here, with AirDrop Registration open here.

Learn more about the JizzCoin ICO here.