ASACP Honors CAM4, CommerceGate, TES as Featured Sponsors

LOS ANGELES—The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protectionhas selected CAM4, CommerceGate and The European Summit as its Featured Sponsors for December 2018.

According to ASACP’s Executive Director Tim Henning, the association’s Featured Sponsors are among the industry’s most notable examples of proactive corporate responsibility and represent the pinnacle of ethical operation.

“Each month, ASACP honors a selection of companies that have made an ongoing commitment to child protection and which encourage other caring companies and professionals to take a stand in keeping children out of and away from adult entertainment,” Henning said. “By sponsoring ASACP, top-tier players demonstrate how legitimate businesses makeup today’s adult entertainment and digital media industries and are willing to place an emphasis on ‘doing the right thing.’”

The association makes use of the support it receives from its sponsors by continuing its 22-year record of success, including notable achievements such as its Child Exploitation Tipline, which has processed more than one million CP reports to-date and earned worldwide respect; while ASACP’s free educational and informational resources and tools for digital media companies provide market-specific Best Practices and a universal Code of Ethics for businesses, app- and website operators.

ASACP’s widely lauded Restricted To Adults (RTA) meta label also aids parents by helping prevent children’s access to adult-oriented websites and mobile apps — and is provided to all site and app publishers free of charge — thanks to the generosity of the non-profit association’s sponsors.



An ASACP Title Sponsor whose support extends back to 2011, CAM4 is vigilant about online child protection, due to its operation of live webcam/video chat sites, where minors not only attempt to access these sites but by misrepresenting their age, attempt to become paid performers. The global nature of this business (with varying documentation in different jurisdictions) and the physical separation between the company and its contractors, make it a daunting proposition to ensure that performers, let alone viewers are of a legal age.

Because of these challenges, ASACP offers a stringent set of Best Practices tailored to the specific needs of live cam site operators, which CAM4 benefits from. CAM4 takes additional measures such as the use of the RTA label to block children from its site; illustrating a caring, proactive approach to keeping children safe.

These steps also include a warning page overlay that notifies viewers that no CP is present on the site and that anyone posting or seeking underage material would be reported to authorities, with the company aiding in the prosecution of these users—sending a clear message that it will not tolerate children accessing or being displayed on the CAM4 site.



An ASACP Corporate Sponsor since 2010, Barcelona-based CommerceGate offers the full scope of merchant services in online e-commerce payments, operating as certified and registered with major card networks as a high-risk payment service provider, payment gateway and payment facilitator. While being fully compliant for the last 12+ years, CommerceGate provides clients with a complete set of services to accept online payments, perform money transfers and mitigate risks professionally and safely.

Founded in 2006, the company is a venture inspired by industry veterans who understand both the credit card and payment industries as well as the challenges of global e-commerce, enabling merchants and site owners to concentrate on building and expanding their business. As a payment processing firm, CommerceGate provides guidance to merchants and a review of the sites they help process transactions for. Offering a third-party inspection of the content clients offer to consumers, CommerceGate points out potential problem areas while guiding operators towards Best Practices and legal compliance, making the internet safer for children.


The European Summit

An ASACP Sponsor since 2010, The European Summit (TES) was founded in 2009, with the TES Affiliate Conferences bringing together professionals from the online entertainment industry, e-commerce, financial, gaming, gambling, dating, forex, binary options, health, nutraceuticals, and many other markets for an intensive three-day networking event.

From the onset, TES was intent on creating a great networking experience for its attendees and delegates because, in our high-tech world, it is still of supreme importance that excellent interpersonal relationships be developed and maintained, as they are just the cornerstones of building a successful business.

TES is also one of the association’s most stalwart supporters over the years, providing considerable, consistent assistance that has enabled ASACP to spread the word about the importance of online child protection to operators across Europe and beyond.

“The European Summit attracts Europe’s most influential adult media companies, making it a prime venue for ASACP to deliver its message of the need to keep children out of and away from adult entertainment,” Henning said. “As a show of its support, TES provides a high level of hospitality to the association, including numerous fundraisers and complimentary event amenities, illustrating the range of opportunities beyond direct financial support that companies have when it comes to helping ASACP.

“From live webcam services to online payment processing companies, industry trade events, and more, ASACP’s monthly selection of Featured Sponsors show the diversity of support the association receives from all adult business segments,” Henning added. “This support from companies such as CAM4, CommerceGate, and The European Summit, enable ASACP to continue making a positive improvement in the daily digital lives of at-risk youth.”

To learn how your company can help protect itself by protecting children, email [email protected].