XonDemand Adds Data Feeds Section

CHARLOTTE, NC - XonDemand announced Monday their new addition of a data feeds section.


XonDemand has redeveloped their data feeds with more than 10,000 free movie clips with over 60,000 full length movies. The data feeds are in XML, HTML and Text for a complete dump of our database available also for API applications.


The data feeds can be viewed here. "You will be able to receive thousands of XonDemand movie galleries in any format you require," Rob Hoover, XonDemand affiliate manager stated. "It is that simple and it is completely free. It is that simple and it is completely free to get thousands of free hosted movie Galleries from us."


XonDemand data feed is a file containing XonDemand Movie Galleries, URL's, product title, description and image links of the movies that an affiliate downloads into a database. The most common formats are pipe delimited and tab delimited. In order to use XonDemand data feed, you must have access and the ability to create databases on your server. The data feed will need to be uploaded to your server before you can utilize it and display the products on your site. 


XonDemand data feeds are valuable and Movie links are effective by

Eliminating an extra click, by getting the surfer directly to the movie they want to watch, helps increase conversion rates. By showing Movies with title, description, you can pre-sell the customer before he leaves your site. If you supply the surfer with all the information he needs to make a buying decision, then all XonDemand needs to do is close the sale when the surfer becomes a customer.


Launched in the fall of 2003, XonDemand.com has undergone a few design changes to remain fresh and exciting, yet remains committed to offering the best data feeds for adult entertainment to all its customers.



Affiliate webmasters can easily use any data feed or create a co-branded movie theater.