WEGCash Launches Tube4Free

Many adult webmasters are unsure how to financially benefit from the latest tube site trend that has been sweeping the internet and capturing the attention of surfers worldwide. WEGCash has cut right to the heart of the matter by launching the Tube4Free program. 


Recognizing that when a surfer is looking for something free, they should GET something free, the latest additions to the already formidable WEGCash line-up of sites, the Tube4Free tours, give the surfer exactly what they seek, which ultimately equals healthy conversions for webmasters. 


To celebrate the launch of these hot new tours, WEGCash is going all out and paying $2 per Tube4Free signup throughout the entire month of April.  Getting surfers to sign up is easy, all they need is a valid email address and the desire to watch porn for free. 


WEGCash has been serving the adult industry since 1999 with the celebrated Join4Free program in addition to a large selection of free trial paysite tours, exclusive sites, webcams, penis enlargement and webmaster referrals. 


For help or further information about this or any other WEGCash program or product, please contact Ruth Blair at [email protected] or on ICQ at #233-854-608. Alternatively you can visit the WEGCash Affiliate Blog at http://blog.wegcash.com to share your thoughts.