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SAN FRANCISCO—Pink & White Productions has added trans masculine porn studio to its fair-trade video-on-demand hub, Directed by Feminist Porn Award's Heartthrob of the Year, James Darling,, which also was awarded the  2013 Feminist Porn Award for Best Website, premieres on with five popular FTM porn hits that reflect the diversity of trans masculine sexuality. 

Darling's porn career began with his performance debut on, and continued with queer and trans porn studios, including T-Wood Pictures, TroubleFILMS and Buck Angel Entertainment.

He was also among the first group of emerging directors to participate in Pink and White Productions' emerging pornographer series, "Point of Contact."

“Point of contact was my directorial debut and having a taste of what it was like to be behind the camera inspired me to later continue on with," said Darling. "Learning to organize a shoot, budget, and direct while also performing gave me a lot of perspective and respect for the production side of porn.”

With FTM Fucker, Darling seeks to create an environment where trans men’s sexualities and bodies are celebrated in a respectful and affirming way. Despite acknowledging that his collection of films don’t speak for all transsexual men, Darling insists that the videos are simply a glimpse into the vast universe that is trans male sexuality and hopes his porn will enhance viewers' fantasies and sex lives.

"I am so excited to have FTM Fucker join the ranks of ethically produced and independent porn on," Darling enthused. "I have participated in many of Pink & White's incredible projects in the past and think that distributing FTM Fucker's short films on PinkLabel is a natural match! I hope that FTM Fucker will be welcomed with open arms (among other things) and that new audiences will enjoy the hardcore world of FTM Fucker transsexual male porn!"

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Image: James Darling, photographed by Dave Naz, courtesy of James Darling