Lightspeed Media Launches 2Hot4FB Site, App with Contest

PHOENIX, Ariz.—Lightspeed Media has announces the launch of, a new site and app designed to help adult performers, models and photographers earn income while promoting themselves on social networks. 

“Our goal is to bridge the gap between the mainstream world and the world of erotica,” said  Lightspeed Media CEO Steve Lightspeed. 

The 2Hot4FB app works on all devices and has three basic functions. First, it has easy-to-use uploading and photo editing software built in to allow the user to self-censor their images by cropping or adding colorful stickers to the photo before posting. By requiring all photos to have a "PG-rated" thumbnail version that will be shown with your post, only those viewers who request it will be exposed to actual adult content, and your post will not get you banned by Facebook or the other networks. Adult viewers are encouraged to click through a simple age verification process in order to view the original photo. also serves as a content hub where all uploads are collected and photos can be shared to the various networks from one place. This greatly simplifies the task of promoting yourself on multiple social networks. Support for posting to FaceBook, Twitter, Google+. Tumbler, Pinterest, and others is built in.

Lightspeed adds that the most innovative feature of the app is that it uses a free, ad-based revenue model, but with a rev-share twist. All revenue generated from ads is shared with the original content owner, with matching amounts given to the traffic owner. The system encourages everyone to share and re-share each other’s posts, as both sides earn commissions from every new view. 

“ pays for both content and traffic, so there is something here for everyone,” said Lightspeed.

Early users of the app have seen as much as $13 in earnings from a single photo posted to Twitter. According to adult model Monica West, “This really is the way it should be.....allowing girls to earn money and make the advertisers pay for it.”

Lightspeed commented, “We are very pleased with the system, and excited to have a product that will help everyone who has been affected by the 'porn recession.'"

To celebrate the launch of, Lightspeed and co-sponsor are offering $1000 in prize money in a contest they are calling “The Search for Miss 2Hot.”  The viewer count of each contestant's “best 10” posts will determine the winners, with $500 for 1st,  $300 for 2nd and $200 for 3rd place. Contestants need only 10 posts using the app to qualify, and everyone will be paid all commissions they earn.

“It's the perfect chance to cash in on the social media popularity you've built up," Lightspeed sums up.

For more details and official contest rules, visit