HotMovies, Eurorevenue Close Deal for John Thompson Content

PHILADELPHIA – will offer the work of acclaimed European director John Thompson to its online VOD customers through an exclusive deal with Eurorevenue.

"We couldn’t be happier,” said HotMovies director of business development James Cybert. "The demand for these movies is obviously incredibly high. It's been a top priority for many years to form this relationship and we are positive our users will get off time and again watching these crazy hot titles."

Thompson directs several lines, including John Thompson Productions and the controversial 666 (which has long been unavailable to U.S. consumers.) Eurorevenue holds exclusive rights to negotiate all online distribution deals for the director's catalog of movies.

"There is an unrelenting demand from adult consumers for John Thompson Productions content," said Eurorevenue rep Joe Holm. "Every VOD company knows this, and they have all been courting us for years for the licensing rights."

Holm met with HotMovies representatives in Amsterdam, where the two companies struck a licensing agreement encompassing hundreds of titles in Thompson's catalog.

"In HotMovies, we have finally identified a partner we can trust to disseminate this unique brand and movie library safely, securely and, above all else, profitably to an ever-broadening online consumer base," Holm said.

HotMovies is set to launch a special premiere of 20 titles from Thompson's library this week. In the coming months, the VOD site will roll out 100 titles from the director's infamous bukakke line GGG.

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