Happy Valentines Day from Blue Blood

Hollywood, Calif - Blue Blood wishes everyone a Happy Valentines Day and Lupercalia.

Everyone at Blue Blood Secret World Headquarters Global has ordered their flowers and hidden away their boxes of chocolate and bloody hearts. The ancient Romans celebrated Lupercalia on the Ides of February by whipping hot girls with portions of sacrificed goat. Amelia G and Forrest Black shot a professional piercer, the lovely purple-tressed Natalie Addams, cutting out her own heart, gift-boxing it, and sewing up the "wound" with quite genuine play piercings. The Cadbury chocolate boxes of the mid-1800's were made with velvet and mirrors. So what could say Happy Blue Blood-style Valentines Day like a bloody heart in a spooky ornate gift box! Blue Blood is traditional like that.

Amelia G also wrote an article for BlueBlood.net about the origins of Valentines Day and Lupercalia. Amongst the fascinating factoids she unearthed about the holiday, she slipped in one of her most important Blue Blood manifesto points writing, " One of the most important messages I would like people to internalize from Blue Blood is that having purple hair or a tattoo or a pervy wardrobe in no way makes a person a second class citizen. You are entitled to the rewards of the larger society. You are entitled to the same love as anyone, whether or not your sex is a bit kinkier than average . . . There is no rule that thinking for yourself, owning your sexuality, and dressing flamboyantly equals eschewing all sentimentality and always feeling alone on Valentines Day."

This season, BlueBlood.net, the free entertainment portal side of Blue Blood, was keeping the popcorn machine busy. BlueBlood.net featured articles on events ranging from book fairs to fetish balls, from gallery shows to cartoon television, from the importance of voting to the price of fame. Sometimes strange bedfellows are the most interesting. In addition to sexy Valentines Day pictures, membership in the BlueBlood.com erotic mega site includes 87,913 pictures of 357 incredibly gorgeous hotties and
24/7/365 counterculture lifestyle, shot by a variety of cutting edge photographers, quality fiction from established genre authors and Blue Blood's world famous signature couples photo sets.

Happy Valentines Day and happy every day!