Fem Furies Unleashed

LOS ANGELES, CA  — Beautiful women come in all shapes, sizes and strengths. Fetish studio Fem Furies celebrates big, strong women who treat their bodies like temples and love to exert their dominance over men and women while showing off their perfect physiques.

Thanks to a new clips store, fans of strong, fit women can enjoy female muscle and domination action. For the first time, they can pick and choose from the very best fetish action available at the Fem Furies clip store on Clips4Sale.com. 

The tagline for this unique fetish site says it all. "Giants, amazons, superwomen with huge powerful muscles turning on men and women with their incredible strength and bodies. Lifting puny slaves, squeezing, face sitting, bending and forcing them to worship their muscle Goddess."  

"This is such a unique fetish that it is not often found in traditional adult material," says veteran director Gray Fury. "There aren't a lot of muscle and fit girl sections in video stores and even web sites devoted to these amazing women are rare. We offer fans the very best in the genre through a fantastic delivery system that allows them to see exactly what they want, whenever the mood strikes." 

In its short existence, Fem Furies has achieved the vaunted stats of "Top 50 Clip Store" on Clips4Sale. 

"We are pleased at the store's early success," adds Fury. "We strive to bring our fans the hottest muscle women and the best action. They seem to like what they see and we expect even bigger things in the future.”