Clips4Sale Introduces Free Anti-Piracy Service to Studio Owners

CYBERSPACE — International online adult and fetish content portal Clips4Sale has joined forces with a specialized anti-piracy agent to provide free infringement prevention services to all producers and studio owners utilizing its service. By working directly with the anti-piracy agent, Clips4Sale has developed a powerful, in-house solution to handle content piracy and go after those companies looking to profit from this illegal activity. 

“We respect the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same,” says Clips4Sale owner Neil. “Unfortunately, internet technologies make it entirely too easy for piracy to occur. We are pleased to now be able to offer an in-house anti-piracy service to our studio owners, and are committed to continue implementing new methods to protect their content.” 

To utilize the free anti-piracy service, studio owners have been instructed to log into their Producer Admin and file a Content Piracy Report. Each report requires that the producer provide the exact URLs to the actual pirated clip(s). Clips4Sale will then process the report internally, and by working with their anti-piracy agent, will immediately submit an infringement notice on the studio’s behalf. In addition to this free service, Clips4Sale is also conducting repeat monitoring of offending sites to make sure pirated content is not re-uploaded. Clips4Sale’s anti-piracy agent will also handle infringement counter-claims. 

Clips4Sale has already started looking for pirated content on behalf of its studio owners and has been sending infringement notices to sites hosting the pirated content, but it’s the content owners responsibility to be diligent and actively look for their stolen content online as well. Clips4Sale also encourages its producers to submit requests to help further their combined anti-piracy efforts. 

“We decided to offer this service for free to all of our producers, performers, and studio owners, who are the lifeblood of Clips4Sale,” continues Neil. “We have encouraged and supported our content producers in their entrepreneurial endeavors from the very beginning. By introducing this anti-piracy service, at no cost, we can now protect their creative efforts at every turn, so they can concentrate their efforts on creating more unique content for customers, and keep their content as exclusive as possible.” 

As a pioneer of Internet clip downloads and an alternative to DVD sales, rentals, and videos on demand, Clips4Sale offers a portal for producers to offer clips and scenes for sale instead of full DVDs. An excellent marketplace for producers to sell their work in every niche imaginable, Clips4Sale boasts over 50,000 different studios representing over 600 fetish categories, with over 4.5 million fetish and hardcore adult clips, with thousands of daily updates.