CamContacts Launches StripMeister

CYBERSPACE — CamContacts, provider of cross-platform live cam solutions, has launched the StripMeister challenge for its real time strip card game, Strip HiLo

The challenge is a monthly competition to become crowned the StripMeister. Viewers are now invited to strip as many chathosts as they can in one month. They are able to review the leader board in real time to ascertain their current rankings, as well as those of their rivals. There is also the opportunity to win up to 1,000 credits every month for the viewers, as well as the honour of being named the StripMeister.

The winners are announced on site at the end of every month and previous months’ rankings are displayed so viewers can see if they’ve performed better or worse than they expected. 

CamContacts StripMeister challenge is part of the Strip HiLo game. It involves taking turns to guess, with a chathost, if the playing card to be turned over will be higher or lower. Simply, if you guess correctly and your opponent doesn’t she will remove an item of clothing — the aim is to see how far you can go to remove all your opponent’s clothes.

A spokesperson for CamContacts said, “We wanted to build on the success of our real time strip game, Strip HiLo, which is a unique product on the market - no-one else has it. The idea for StripMeister is an age-old one of taking up a challenge and, when you throw prizes into the mix, it becomes even more difficult to resist. We are confident that this new challenge will bring players together across the world for the chance to become the StripMeister!

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