CamContacts Announces 'Light the Torch' Summer Promo

CYBERSPACE—To celebrate this summer of sporting excellence, CamContacts is inviting everyone to try their hand at winning substantial prizes each day. The interactive, sporting-themed Set The Torch On Fire promotion goes live on July 18 at midnight.

Light The Torch is a new, fun game for viewers and chat hosts to play together that gives them the opportunity to win each time. They need to Light The Torch with a flaming fireball, a new version of the classic slingshot game. Once a viewer hits the torch or statue with the fireball, they can win three times the amount shown. A chat host needs to hit the same torch or statue to bank the amount won, or to win even more.

“We’ve had lots of interest as to when our next promotion will be, and now we’re happy to announce it," said the company in an announcement. "This summer’s biggest sporting event just got bigger with our Set The Torch On Fire promo. Now’s the time to get to know new people in the CamContacts community and play our new interactive game, Light The Torch. Here’s your chance to hit the jackpot: Win huge prizes and chat with some sensational women at the same time! We’re ready to light up some new fantasies across the world.”

Visit here on July 18 at midnight to see galleries of the Triumphant Angels and Seductive Victors, and a chance to win.