Brick-and-Mortar goes Mobile: Grooby Deploys QR Codes on Latest DVD Release

Burbank, Calif.—Grooby Productions' latest release—Buddy Wood's Amy Daly, the Translesbian!—is the first transgender DVD outside of Asia to implement QR code advertising, allowing mobile devices to preview the movie at the push of a button. QR code technology has been popular in Asia for some time now and is starting to catch on in domestic markets due to the popularity of smartphones such as Apple's iPhone and devices powered by Google Android.

As the internet's premier producer of transsexual erotica, Grooby hopes to use this technology in bridging the gap between offline promotions and its online brand. This innovation would give costumers more ways to interact with their products, allowing customers to make informed and satisfying purchase decisions.

Amy Daly the Translesbian , released through Third World Media, is now available. For more information, send inquiries to [email protected].