Affil4You is European Summit Hospitality, Mobile Day Sponsor

PARIS—Mobile solution provider Affil4you is gearing up for The European Summit kicking off in Sitges March 7, and has multiple team members from around the globe flying in to attend.

Affil4you’s involvement with TES includes being one of the hospitality sponsors and more importantly, a mobile sponsor. “TES is one of the few conferences held that dedicates an entire day on specific genre such as mobile and live cam education which conveys their continued support of what we as sponsors are trying to accomplish," said affil4you Managing Director Joey Gabra.

To complete Affil4you’s sponsorship with The European Summit they will be hosting their annual “Pintxos & Vino” event on Monday, March 9, starting at 8:30pm. The location of this event is conveniently located a few short steps along the ocean front at Eguzki Lizarran, and while all TES attendees are invited to partake, it is on a first come, first served basis, so be sure to arrive on time to secure your seat for unlimited food, wine and the all-around generous hospitality Affil4you is known for.

For more information regarding Affil4you, the award-winning services they provide or the events they are hosting in Sitges, visit or email [email protected].