2much.net Signs With Epoch

MONTREAL—Live video chat software creator 2much.net has signed a deal to make Epoch the payment processor for its flagship site, LiveCamNetwork.com, as well as adding Epoch to the list of processors that supports its proprietary billing script.

2much.net founder Mark Prince said of Epoch, "They've absolutely proven their brand with their new automated smart payment forms and the various billing advantages they offer."

"Mark and his team at LiveCamNetwork have been working with Epoch in other ventures for over seven years," said Anthony Wheatle, senior account executive at Epoch. "In that time I have been able to connect him with others who were searching for a reliable webcam chat program. The response from those referrals has always been very positive."

Epoch has been billing for websites online since 1996. "We integrated Epoch's billing system and referred them to customers of 2much.net," said Prince.

2much.net has been providing online video chat solutions since 1997, and is nominated for Software Company of the Year and Innovator of the Year at the Ynot Awards in Prague. The company also won the 2010 XBiz award for Software Company of the Year.

"We plan to offer Epoch as our primary biller to all our future customers," said Prince, "who can then take advantage of not only the new and upcoming innovations, but also the Epoch Stats affiliate program to promote their LiveCamNetwork-powered sites. I especially like their European billing options. And their one-click account re-load feature, 'CamCharge', which customers are going to love."

Prince added, "After 15 years in business, having survived and grown stronger through the collapse of iBill, and having worked with the likes of CCBill and SegPay, which we still do, I can say that I've never felt as confident and optimistic about a biller's stability and potential as with Epoch."

For more on the full gamut of billing solutions offered by Epoch, click here. For more information about 2much.net's live video chat solution, click here.