Zumio Available in Europe Exclusively From Eropartner

ZWAADIJK, The Netherlands—Zumio has tapped Eropartner Distribution for exclusive distribution of its clitoral stimulator across all 28 EU member countries.

Zumio is a clitoral stimulator based on the proven circular fingertip motion. Zumio’s patented SpiroTIP and motor clutch drive system allows users to dynamically go from high speed and intensity down to a low speed and intensity, without having to touch a control, to instinctively and more naturally, adjust the stimulation to suit their needs. 

“Traditional vibrators generate excess energy and shake everything they touch often creating sensory overload and a numbing effect,” said Steve Traplin, chief revenue officer at Zumio. “Our non-vibrating technology makes Zumio more comfortable to hold and the small TIP and dynamic control makes the energy delivered to the clitoral nerve more selective - delivering a broad spectrum of pleasurable experiences.” 

To learn more about Zumio, visit the team in the Eropartner Booth during Erofame 2017 in Hannover, Germany, Oct. 11-13.

“We are so extremely excited about our partnership with Zumio. After our team has tested the product  we were strongly convinced right away. Now we are starting to get many positive feedback about this beautiful and revolutionary product from testers, bloggers and happy customers,” said Chris Bakker, CEO of Eropartner Distribution. “We strongly believe Zumio is be a winner and that it will become one of best products available in the market!”

For more, visit Eropartner.com.