XR Brands Is Adult Retailers’ ‘Master of Chastity’

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.—XR Brands is adult retailers’ Master of Chastity following the debut of six confinement cages, each with unique features suited for serious purveyors of male chastity.

“Rising sales of our Master Series chastity and confinement cages proves that men, women and couples are growing more curious, and even more adventurous, with their sex play,” XR Brands General Manager Randy Alvstad said. “We’ve received orders from retailers around the world who are stocking this kind of advanced tool for the first time and we are so excited to see male chastity growing into an international trend.”

With professional-grade locking mechanisms, heavy duty construction, and unique attachments for more advanced sensation play, XR Brands and its Master Series collection has become the industry’s go-to source for male chastity and confinement tools.

Securing impressive inquiry and order numbers is the Oppressor, the line’s most striking confinement cage featuring a hollow urethral plug, detachable anal stimulation hook, and removable ball “crusher” clamp. The Oppressor is the industry’s only male chastity device with the capacity for quadruple-factor confinement that can be customized to fit every man and suit his, and his captor’s, most sensational desires.

The Asylum, Asylum 4- and 6-ring, Jail House, and Captus are three of the line’s most heavy-duty devices, each constructed of durable stainless steel and featuring a brass padlock for superior security.

The Asylum is a unique brace with a solid ring at the base and curved spine, keeping him captive with a hollow urethral sound which, unlike traditional confinement cages, leaves the shaft exposed and accessible for additional sensation play. The Asylum 4-ring and Asylum 6-ring keeps him compliant and under control with the same solid construction as the Asylum but with the use of a 4-ring or 6-ring encasement cage instead of a curved spine. The Bastilleis the most confining cage available, and the Master Series original device, which prevents a full erection with use of a thick stainless steel base ring, an 8-ring cage, and a constricting head cage.

The Captus rounds out the Master Series chastity device collection as two foundational pieces essential for every retailer’s male confinement inventory.

The Captus is one of the most restrictive cages on the market, featuring a unique shortened shaft cage that keeps him in his most flaccid with a simple base ring that locks him in place.

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