WOW Tech Taps Orion As 1st Master Distro Partner in Europe

BERLIN—WOW Tech has chosen Orion as the first master distributor for the fullWe-Vibe product line in Europe.

“After a comprehensive review of our distribution model for We-Vibe, we are pleased to partner with Orion, one of the most professional, respected and customer service-driven distributors in the market,” said Thuve Bremen, WOW Tech’s chief commercial officer. “WOW Tech has a longstanding relationship with Orion, and we are confident they can offer retailers excellent, prompt service and marketing for the full We-Vibe product line.”

In 2018, We-Vibe and Womanizer were brought together under the newly formed WOW Tech Group. Shortly after, the company instituted a review of the European distribution model for its premium brands to ensure that retailers receive the highest level of service and marketing support. Orion is the first distributor to achieve the designation of master distributor for We-Vibe in Europe.    

WOW Tech is currently in negotiations to secure an additional We-Vibe master distribution partner for the region. Retailers can order the full We-Vibe product line, POS and marketing materials from Orion. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the full We-Vibe product line is available through City Realex.

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