Womanizer 2Go Available from Eropartner

ZWAAGDIJK, The Netherlands—The Womanizer 2Go is now available from adult distributor Eropartner.

Unlike traditional products, The womanizer 2Go provides stimulation that is not achieved via penetration or vibration. Instead, Pleasure Air Technology is used to provide the clitoris with finely adjustable amounts of stimulation, without touching. The result is a new feeling of desire that culminates in powerful orgasms.

Researchers at Chapman University in California in a recent study found only 65 percent usually have an orgasm as a result of sexual intimacy. The Womanizer brand has stepped in to change this fact.

The womanizer 2Go is not inserted into or placed on top of the body but is positioned without touching the clitoris. The intensity of stimulation can be seamlessly adjusted—from gentle to powerful, and, as the newly developed stimulation system works with practically no direct contact with the clitoris, over-stimulation of the clitoris is a thing of the past.

The womanizer 2Go is now available at Eropartner Distribution. For more, visit Eropartner.com.